Nice to see you here! My name is Natalie Abrahams and I’m an Advertising Graphic Design student at Middlesex College. I have always loved being creative and have big dreams of becoming a creative director. Jersey born and raised, I grew up in a small town that has a love and appreciation for arts of all mediums which has had an impact on my art style.
I love finding creative solutions to the balancing act of good design and functionality. As a student I have the privilege to work on a large variety of projects ranging from typography to illustrations to photography to icon design.
In my free time you can find me traveling the world to discover more art. From the high renaissance art found in the Sistine Chapel, to the works of Van Gogh found in Amsterdam, to the Old Masters works found in the Louvre, I will travel as far as need be, to see art in person. While at home you can find me in my local coffee shop working away on my laptop and being inspired by the life and sense of community I witness around me.
You can find my resume here. Thanks a million for stopping by and come back soon to see my new work!
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