ATTENTION: Big Electricity's Exploitation of Workers
In a world where technology is rapidly advancing Big Electricity has been keeping a huge secret from the general population. They like to explain these things away with silly concepts that no one truly understands like “physics” and “math” but these things are just a distraction. There are Tiny Magic People living in every electronic we own working tirelessly day and night with no pay and no breaks. The only compensation Tiny Magic People receive is a light bulb they call home. 
Big Electricity doesn’t want us to know they are real because then they would need to provide proper compensation for their labor and Big Electricity’s profit margins would surely decrease significantly. I have spent years proving Tiny Magic People exist as public figures and politicians (who are secretly being paid off by Big Electricity) have called me a “crazy conspiracy theorist”.
However, I refused to give up telling people the truth. I have finally been able to capture these images of the Tiny Magic People. I wanted to show them on the only day of their lives they receive compensation, the day they move in to their light bulb.
Update: they have found me and attempted to use all the torture methods they could to convince me to tell the world these images are fake. I agreed so they have allowed me internet access to tell the world I am a liar. These are real images, let my legacy live on for the justice of the Tiny Magic People.
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